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  • The Environment

    I want to protect our loved ones from the poisoning of our water and air. Denton has the worst air in Texas. We must protect our children from the poisons that cause asthma and cancer and other illnesses.

  • Human Rights

    Every voice is vital. To grow, as a people, we must ensure the rights of all are protected from discrimination, bias and systemic oppression. It’s not enough to do this in spirit and intention, we must ensure our actions and our laws provide equity for all. We must fight for what matters.

  • Jobs

    I want North Texans to have a secure financial future. I believe in growth industry jobs and transitioning our country (more importantly our state) into the future We must prepare our citizens for better opportunities as the world and it’s demands change. Green Jobs are Good Paying Jobs. The Green New Deal is the way of the future. I want that future in Texas.

  • Education

    Providing the best education possible for all Americans not only protects and preserves our inalienable rights, it keeps us competitive in the global economy. Funding education is an investment in innovation.

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Mat Pruneda

Analyst, Activist, Father

I'm an every day person. I have two kids. I work for a living and pay on a mortgage. Like most people, I worry about insurance and medical expenses. I pray that we don't suffer an emergency. I think it's time every day people take their rightful place in our government and fight for real life issues from the perspective of those of us who worry about providing for our families - not from the perspective of people who get ahead on the strength of special interest money.

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